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Patient Testimonials

Freja, NYC / Denmark

Erica, NYC / Florida / London

“Daniel is an amazing practitioner of Chinese Medicine.  In the last two years, he has taken care of my mother, my son and myself.  In each case, he has been able to easily correct acute and chronic problems that conventional doctors could not.  He has extensive knowledge of Chinese Herbal Medicine, which makes his treatments extremely effective.  He is also very kind and compassionate.  I have recommended him to several people and they have been very impressed with his abilities and treatments.  If you know anyone who has a complex health problem, he is the man to see.”
Magalys V. - Scotch Plains, NJ

“Best herbalist in this city.  I trust Daniel with mine and my children's health.  From migraines to sinusitis, to ADD, Daniel can fix it all.”
Irina L. - Brooklyn, NY 


“Daniel has made an impact in helping to right my thyroid functions. I began seeing Daniel when my thyroid was hyperactive. After a few months of Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and other efforts to restore my health, I am glad to report that my thyroid is functioning normally. Even if my thyroid were still abnormal, however, I still feel that I have mentally and emotionally benefited from the care Daniel has provided. Daniel is thoughtful, patient, and an intuitive healer. I highly recommend his care to anyone seeking improved overall wellness.”
Kate O. - NYC, NY 


“I am so grateful to have been able to receive treatments from Dr. Camburn.  I have absolutely no reservation recommending him as a practitioner.  I have had a great deal of experience with acupuncturists, herbalists and other holistic medical professionals and I can tell you that his breadth of knowledge and understanding of his art is leaps and bounds above his peers.
     Herbal medicine seems to be most effective for me and his prescriptions were AMAZING!  The results are so complete and so profound that I can't do them justice on a review.  And yes, it seems like I am going overboard, but I am not, I am just truly blown away by his ability to diagnose and correct a problem on so many levels.  I hope that
you can experience his abilities for yourself!
Matthew H. - Austin, TX 

"I made an appointment with Daniel upon a recommendation from a friend who had great success with his treatments. I had been feeling emotionally stuck and I had chronic back, neck, and foot pain that was flaring up at very inconvenient times. I was seeing an acupuncturist during the flare-ups but after 10 years I really wanted a treatment for the root cause of the pain. Within 2 weeks of taking the herbs I noticed a marked difference in areas of my body that had been inflamed and in pain for so long. I’ve recommended Daniel to anyone who has chronic issues because I know he can help."

Heidi P. - NYC, NY    

“Daniel began to work with me in 2013 and since that time I've experienced profound improvements in both my physical and emotional well-being.  His deep insight and acute diagnostic ability make it possible for him to clearly identify the problems and create an successful treatment plan.  I trust him explicitly and would recommend him to anyone needing assistance.”
Lizzie G. - Yonkers, NY

“Dr. Camburn has provided me with valuable medical treatment for years. This has mostly been through herbal formulas, as well as general health/lifestyle guidance. The medicines and guidance have been extremely effective, particularly in removing stubborn life-long conditions (asthma and adhd) that had not been cured by the various pharmaceutical treatments that I had also tried. A highly recommended physician.”
Bradley C. - Singapore

“My experience with Daniel Camburn has truly been amazing.  I started seeing Daniel in May of this year because I had very bad digestive issues (bloating, flatulence, etc.) and was struggling with cystic acne.  I had seen other doctors prior to seeing him and none of them could get to the root cause of my problem.  I instantly knew I was in the right place when he took his time to learn about my lifestyle and habits during my first appointment.  The acupuncture sessions and the herbs he has prescribed have tremendously improved my digestive issues and my cystic acne is gone.  I deeply appreciate his thoughtfulness and guidance in helping me reflect on my lifestyle so that I can make changes that will help my body heal.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a holistic healing approach.”

Marge L. - Ithaca, NY

“I can't thank Daniel enough for helping with my health issues. I have multiple health issues including some emotional and physical ones. He is very knowledgeable on Chinese herbal medicine. He was very patient and gave a very precise diagnosis.  I got the herbal prescription and cooked the herb as directed. My condition improved...”

Mary Y. - Edison, NJ

“[In order to keep my voice working, I’m directing] my energy downward as is now my almost automatic habit. I'm still in the city, but I'm occupying it very differently. I've been selling my art in parks and I'm working on supporting myself that way full time. It was a suggestion from you that first got me started down this path...

     As far as the voice thing relationship to it is evolving. I'm learning to put less energy toward me and my voice and what I'm saying, and more energy toward my surroundings and my fellow beings and listening. And I'm learning to be at peace with exactly what I am... The more I relax into those kinds of practices, into just being present with the fullness of whatever I'm experiencing, the more I'm able to let go of whatever blockages I've been holding in my throat. Basically I've discovered that the trick is to not try so hard. The progress is incredibly slow, but looking back now I can see I've come incredibly far--and I can see that this so-called problem has set me on a spiritual path that I wouldn't trade for anything...

     I'm grateful and totally awestruck by the way it's all unfolded. I'm grateful also for all that I've learned from you. I continue to return to practices and nuggets of wisdom you shared with me, really on a daily and maybe almost hourly basis now that I think about it. I can't even begin to articulate how profoundly my way of being in my body, and in the world, has shifted as a result of our work together.” 

Jen S. - NYC, NY

About 12 years ago, when I was serving in the Finnish army, my strep throat somehow mutated into a nasty case of myocardial inflammation. My spirit, and my heart took a nice beating. After I recovered physically, I started experiencing intense bouts of anxiety. Nothing really eased it, the anxiety drove me learn Chinese Medicine. I went to PCOM in NYC, and as I started attending Dr. Camburn clinic shift, he kindly started writing me herbal formulas. Acupuncture in itself was helpful to treat my Heart condition, but I needed more...and what I needed was herbs. Custom made, well thought out, formulas is what he wrote me. I took Dr. Camburn’s formula for a few months, and the results were amazing. I don't think I could have overcome my anxiety without his help. He is an amazing healer. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Enough said!!!

Richard Nyari, L.Ac - NYC / Finland

Michael, NYC / New Jersey

Jennifer, NYC / Virginia

Vanessa, Santa Rosa, CA

Ashley, NYC

Neeya, NYC / Germany

Cornelia, NYC / Granada

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