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The Truly 'Super Foods'

The ingredients below can provide a massive dose of vitamins, minerals and disease-fighting antioxidants!  

     The following 'super-food' powders can be mixed together to make a single mixture, which will contain plenty of protein, fiber, vitamins, organic carbohydrates and healing fats. It is a perfect meal! Combine roughly equal amounts of: Cocoa, Goji, Chia, Beet, Baobab, Hemp and/or Sacha Inchi, Pomegranate and 'Green Stuff.' In addition, you can add 1/4 to 1/10 the amount of: Matcha and Xylitol (Spirulina is also an option, but it will dominate the flavor of the mix). 

For drastically improved health and immunity: 

  • A strong and healthy adult (ages 12 and up) should take 2 Tablespoons daily

  • A run-down, immune deficient, adult should take 2 Tablespoons, 2 - 3 x/daily

  • A child, ages 6 to 12, should take 1 Tablespoons daily

  • A young child, ages 1 to 6, should take 1/2 to 2 teaspoons daily (use the child's dose if there is weakness) 


The powder can be mixed with clean water, water-organic milk, water-organic juice, water-organic nut milk, etc. 

It also goes very well in a smoothie! 


Cocoa (or Cacao) Powder  



Chia Seed Powder  



Goji Berry Powder  



(Red) Beet Powder  


Baobab Fruit Powder  



Hemp Seed Powder  



Sacha Inchi Seed Powder  



Pomegranate Fruit Powder  



"Green Stuff" Powder  



Matcha Powder  



Xylitol Powder  



Spirulina Powder (or Tablets)  



Other Wonderful Powders  



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