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The Power of the Right Herbs for You!

Taking herbs will improve your quality of life.
Taking herbs will reduce or eliminate “sick days.”
 You will not miss work for sick days; allowing you to make more money or have more vacation time.
Taking herbs will save you money; a lot of money.
The proper herbs will make you healthy and strong, and keep you feeling emotionally, mentally, and spiritually well.

All this keeps you from needing many forms of medicine and therapies.
     You will no longer waste money on unnecessary things, such as: junk 'comfort foods,' loads of Vitamin C to fight colds, cough drops, eye drops, Echinacea, Golden Seal, prescription drugs, aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol, skin creams, acne creams, makeup, deodorant, colognes, foot sprays and powders, new clothes needed for weight gain, weight loss pills that don’t work and harm your kidneys, depression seminars, motivational seminars, alcohol, drugs, etc.
Taking herbs will vastly improve your outlook on life.
Including how you view your wonderful body, your brain, your family, your work, your relationship with God, your lot in life, your money situation, your partner, etc. You will quickly begin to view everything as 'in balance' and even 'good.' 


Taking herbs will regulate all of your body's functions.
Including your central nervous system (brain and nervous control), hormonal, digestive, menstrual, reproductive, heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, kidneys, bowels, urination, muscle contraction/flaccidity, inappropriate hair growth; also resolving a lack of hair growth, physical and/or mental development, etc. 
Taking herbs will (usually) reduce or eliminate any bodily pains.
Pain is the body's way of relaying to the consciousness that there is stagnation, a lack of free flow. Free low is also equivalent to health. Lack of free flow equates to disease. Pain is never 'normal.' Never 'correct.' When various persons say that your pain is normal, expected, just what must be, they are simply wrong. 

Taking herbs will (usually or generally speaking) reduce or cure any ailment you may have.
 Often, there is no amount of money a person would not pay to be cured of their ailments. Granted, love is more important than health. Love of God, family, partner, friends, co-workers, our fellow man, etc. Yes, love trumps all.

     Granting that, health must be number two on the list! What do we have if we don't have our health? What comforts can we fully enjoy while we suffer in pain? What vista can we appreciate while our guts writhe with discomfort? The point is that herbs are the natural medicine provided to us on our planet. They work to relieve any ailments we may have! 


Taking herbs will allow you to have healthier and more attractive children.Including: eliminating or reducing deformities and hereditary diseases, forming 'perfect' organs, less illnesses for the child, less anger/irritability, better disposition, better appearance, healthier skin and hair, stronger bones, sooner to walk, sooner to talk, more head hair, more height, and higher intelligence, etc. 


Taking herbs will prevent the majority of ailments.

Taking herbs will lead to a longer and healthier life.
Chinese medicine has been dedicated to preventative medicine for thousands of years. When taking herbs, especially over time, various ailments and discomforts simply do not occur. Likewise, inside your body, all manner of potential diseases and problems are prevented before you may even become aware of them. 


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