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Natural Gynecology & Obstetrics



As fertility involves the attempt to create new life, it’s naturally the most complex thing the human body ever does! And as we all know, the more complicated a project, the more potential for something to go wrong. In addition to the general complexity of the effort, our body’s are often our worst enemy when it comes to fertility. The reproductive system is the original ‘nervous mother.’ Just about any problem, even mild, can be enough for the system to conclude that pregnancy is not a good idea at this time. A common example of this is stress. A single stressful episode can be enough for the body to conclude that it is not a safe time / place to be pregnant and/or to bring in a new little one. Science has demonstrated one of the ways this choice can be carried out by the body. Namely, stress causes the uterine artery to constrict, thus choking off the blood supply to the ovaries and uterus, not enough to cause tissue death, but sufficient enough to get few follicles (potential eggs) and a thin uterine lining (which will either prevent or cut short a pregnancy). Both herbs and acupuncture have the ability to prevent this uterine artery from constricting. So far, Western medicine does not have this ability.


For 2,500 years, Chinese Medicine has said: 
Age 14 ~ a female becomes fertile (worldwide, this has been shown to be standard age of menarche)

Age 21 ~ she is even more fertile (the current age of promiscuity without pregnancy)

Age 28 ~ she peaks in fertility (many women first feel strong inclinations at this point)

Age 35 ~ fertility begins to fail (research proves this is the precise age of substantial decline in fertility)

Age 42 ~ she is no longer fertile

Age 49 ~ the menstruation ceases (worldwide, this has been shown to be standard age of menopause)


Promoting Fertility by Improving Health

Since the body is so eager to find a reason not to get pregnant, we must create a body and a life situation where there are no reasons. This means improving ones health and well-being. We may live in a time where well-being is largely ignored, but our bodies have not changed with the times! Our bodies still insist on peace, joy, relaxation and plenty of safety to conclude that pregnancy is a good idea.

Can’t we just get around the body’s high standards of perfection? Yes, but we should not. When we force a pregnancy on the body, and do much that is natural and unnatural to keep the pregnancy, the results (in this case a person) will not be nearly as good as they could have been. In my experience, most women understand this and do not attempt to circumvent the body’s perspective, but my experience is mostly those who think holistically and naturally. I know from various sources that many women do exactly this – force a baby, and then have to deal with the consequences – a child (later adult) who is frequently ill, often afraid, grows slowly, suffers apathy and weakness, etc. Most of time (if not all the time) circumventing what we know deep-down is the ‘right’ way is not a good idea.


High FSH

Certain reproductive endocrinologists will say that your 'real' FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) number is whatever highest number you’ve ever had. That’s the same as saying that your score at some game is simply the worst score you’ve ever achieved, or your final grade for a class is the lowest score you’ve gotten in that class! In other words, it’s absurd and unbelievably negative. What’s the purpose of being so negative? Many profitable IVF cycles and donor egg. Donor egg makes for greater success rates, and a more likely happy customer. But that was hardly ever what the patient (customer) was going in for in the first place.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is simply a reflection of how tired (and in need of motivation) your ovaries are, which by extension is a reflection of how tired you are overall. How tired you are overall is not something Western medicine treats, unless related to hypothyroidism (which is just a form of being tired). In contrast, Chinese medicine is well equipped to restore your life energy, and hence to empower your ovaries! Improved general health means lowered FSH. This is not some sort of ‘false suppression’ of the numbers! Certainly not. It is simply that a stronger body will have stronger ovaries, and those ovaries by extension will need less motivation, hence a lower FSH.


LPD (Luteal Phase Defect)

With LPD there is a failure to thicken the uterine lining. This is related to hormonal regulation on the one hand and a general lack of blood (locally and/or systemically). Hormonal regulation is best done by restoring the body to normal functionality. Increasing local blood supply involves opening the uterine artery (reducing the effects of stress on the body). Increasing systemic blood count involves dietary improvement and tonics to ‘tonify the blood.’ Hence, the needed changes are best addressed by natural medicine, dietary and lifestyle changes.


IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In Vitro Insemination) ~ Assisting Success and Preventing Harm

  • Increase blood and energy flow to, and circulation within, the ovaries - to increase egg quality and number of eggs produced

  • Improve the effect of synthetic reproductive hormones to produce a larger number of follicles and eggs

  • Reduce the harm caused by various stimulating drugs to the ovaries

  • Reduce the harm caused by suppression drugs to the Liver, Kidneys, brain, Heart and ovaries

  • Increase ‘flow of essence’ from the Kidneys to the ovaries to produce better quality eggs, i.e. convince the body it’s ok to give more to a particular cycle

  • Calm and soothe the related natural anxiety, worry and fear

  • Calm and soothe the subsequent uterine contractions 

  • Calm and regulate the hormonal nightmare that some women experience

  • Correct the significant damage such manipulation does to the menstrual cycle and sometimes to mental-emotional health

  • Directly increase the thickness of the uterine lining

  • Directly increase oxygenation and nourishment to the uterine lining

  • Strengthen the immune system to prevent illness before and during cycles

  • Decrease the chances of miscarriage for any reason


Male Factors

The majority of reproductive endocrinologists (R.E.'s) are quick to acknowledge that nutritional health has much to do with sperm quality and even count. While most will simply prescribe an antioxidant, Chinese medicine can go a step further, addressing all aspects of health and happiness, to move a man towards perfect health and thus perfect sperm. With the right acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes, we can typically increase sperm morphology, motility and count within 3 months (the time it takes to make an entirely new batch of sperm).

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