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Natural Gynecology & Obstetrics

The specialized knowledge of Chinese medical gynecology has been gathered and tested over thousands of years. It tells an expert practitioner the precise status of the reproductive system based entirely on dialogue (conversation), pulse, tongue and systemic signs and symptoms – including observation and palpation.


Palpation of the abdomen reveals extensive information about the reproductive system - whether the uterus is near to menstruation or recently purged, if and where there are tumors or growths (such as ovarian cysts, fibroids or endometriosis), digestive function in general, relation of digestion and bowels to reproductive health, etc.

In Natural Gynecology we improve overall health while also rectifying the reproductive system. ​

Natural gynecology is different from modern Western gynecology, but in most cases they can work together synergistically as appropriate. Natural gynecology does not employ surgery, we do not use chemical or hormonal drugs, nor do we do vaginal exams, unless requested to do so. Daniel was trained to do vaginal exams in China, however, he finds them almost entirely unnecessary in clinical practice. If there is a sore, a rash, or other physical change, which a patient would like inspected, then Daniel is qualified to do so. Regardless of his qualifications, these physical examinations are unnecessary 99% of the time in natural gynecology. ​The difference lies in Daniel's specialized knowledge, acute observation and careful inquiry. 


The right herbs can: 

  • Drastically improve reproductive health

  • Regulate the menstrual cycle

  • Harmonize hormones and digestion to eliminate PMS

  • Reduce or eliminate painful periods or ovulation

  • Work with the body to quiet or dissolve tumors (such as in endometriosis)

  • Reduce or stop breakthrough or excessive bleeding (such as in endometriosis)

  • Work with the body to complete the hormonal-growth changes began in puberty but left unfinished (such as hip and breast size/growth)

  • Reduce or cure most gynecological conditions

Conditions Treated with Natural Gynecology

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