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The Most Developed Medicine on Earth
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Herbs can be very powerful medicine.

With high-level acupuncture, many folks get on the table sick and get off the table quite well. 


The majority of Daniel's patients experience significant positive results within the first week.


Herbs, in particular, have been the primary form of medicine for all people, for the majority of human history.

There's often no need for invasive surgery or toxic chemical drugs!

A Brief Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a comprehensive medical system that has been continually refined for at least 2,500 years. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes the use of herbs & herbal formulas, energy work (qi gong), acupuncture, dietary therapy, physiotherapy (tui na), moxabustion, cupping and exercise, among other things.  
     It has been safely estimated that Chinese Medicine has successfully treated more than 1 billion patients. For the history of humanity, herbal formulas and acupuncture have been the primary medicine for 1/3 of the world. 


Largely due to the use of traditional medicine, the Chinese excel at longevity and fertility! 

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In contrast to modern medicine, which is constantly being replaced by 'the latest' ideas, many of the Chinese Medicine texts written hundreds or thousands of years ago are still important today. For example, the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic (Huang Di Nei Jing: 黄帝内经c. 200 B.C.), endures as a major text for general theory. The Treatise on Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun: 伤寒论: 220 A.D.) is a major source of highly effective formulas, well proven by modern research. A final example is the Compendium of Materia Medica (Ben Cao Gang Mu: 本草纲目: 1578 A.D.), often hailed as the the greatest work of naturalism ever produced. 


All that being said, it is important to acknowledge that Chinese medicine is continually being developed, researched, and updated. Due to the Chinese people's strong sense of continuity, information has been passed on and exchanged during all the long years of its history. Original theories have been expounded upon and refined while new ones have been constantly advanced, up until the present day.

The Chinese government spends tens of millions of dollars (US) per year, and employs thousands of scientists, in the research of Chinese Medicine. A single example of what can come from these efforts is the discovery of "artemisinin," now the most effective treatment for malaria (savings millions of lives per year). It was in 2015 that Tu Youyou (屠呦呦), a Chinese pharmaceutical chemist, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery. The herb from which artemisinin is derived is Artemisia annua or A. apiacea (both called Qing Hao). Qing Hao has been used in Chinese Medicine to treat malaria for thousands of years. 

What Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Do For You?

When you have an herb consultation, Daniel will carefully and meticulously gather your chief complaint and various signs and symptoms. And often of greater importance are factors related to your life, and family, history. All of what makes you unique is highly relevant to your health and disease. Once the elements are removed from the pond and the water settles again, a clear picture emerges. Thus, once your full reality comes into view, Daniel is able to prescribe herbs accordingly. 

Chinese Medicine uses precise combinations of herbs, called formulas, to treat conditions of ill health. Anywhere from 2 to 16 herbs may be prescribed in a formula at a given time. These formulas can be administered in a variety of ways. During the process of getting an herbal consultation, we will discuss the positives and negatives of each given option. 

Properly wielded, Chinese medicine can effectively treat all diseases and ailments that affect mankind.


Chinese herbs, prescribed and taken correctly, can:

  • prevent and cure most diseases

  • increase energy

  • calm the mind and emotions

  • promote joy and peaceful feelings

  • promote restful sleep

  • increase work productivity

  • increase memory

  • increase intelligence and creativity

  • increase sexual functioning

  • improve and correct appetite

  • regulate the intestines and the bowels

  • control the urination

  • improve the hearing and vision

  • improve the appearance and feeling of the skin

  • strengthen the bones, ligaments and muscles

  • regulate menstruation

  • prevent miscarriage

  • promote the creation of a healthy new baby

  • facilitate child birth

  • prolong life

Factors which may limit the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine:

  • extremely advanced conditions (more than 10 years) 

  • excessively treated conditions (drugs, surgeries)

  • old age (variable by person) 

  • poor diet (pizza and pasta, lack of red meat) 

  • poor sleeping habits (less than 7 hr/night, irregular)

  • excessive alcohol consumption 

  • trans fat and refined sugar consumption

  • excessive stress (family, work, etc.)

  • excessive sexual activity (age & health related)

  • breathing toxic air (city air) 

  • consuming GMO foods (most food in USA)

  • drinking impure water (most water in USA)

  • overwork (most people in USA) 

  • irregular usage of herbs (e.g. one week of herbs lasting three weeks)

  • poor quality herbs 

  • wrong species of herb 

  • wrong dosages of herbs (too high or too low)

  • wrong combination of herbs (randomly assembled)

  • force majeure / unforeseen events 

While Chinese Medicine excels at treating disease, its primary purpose is to improve and perfect health, thus preventing disease. 

The capability to treat patients based on signs and symptoms alone gives TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) an incredible advantage over disease. Essentially what it means is that Chinese Medicine can arrest and reverse disease before it occurs! This may sound fantastic, but it is simply a matter of distinguishing faint irregularities in the body and correcting these imbalances with acupuncture and herbal medicines - coupled with diet regulation, lifestyle changes, and specific exercises, all as necessary. Through millennia of observation and meticulously written records, the details of signs and symptoms, their progression over time, and their response to treatment, can nearly always be known and predicted. In this way, the Chinese developed a system of medicine which can track developing disease from the slightest indications, and thereby stop its progression relatively easily. This is called, 'preventing disease.' 


Should you instead just be your own Herbalist or Natural Physician? 

Humans are, or at least were made to be, pack-animals. We need, and depend on, each other by necessity. In keeping with what we are, we are simply not accurate when it comes to assessing ourselves. We are naturally inclined to ignore or justify various aspects of our lifestyle and personality. A properly trained physician has no such tendencies or biases and is therefore able to see you as you are, and all that you could be! 

It is often thought that herbs are 'natural,' and, therefore, safe to consume. However, taking the wrong herbs for you, or the wrong combination of herbs, may actually lead to a decrease in health. Chinese medicine has carefully studied the interaction between all of the herbs in the Materia Medica for thousands of years. Only by consistent and careful clinical observation, over extensive time, can interactions be well-known and understood. This knowledge is also necessary when working with pharmaceutical drugs. However, it is generally not researched because there is no FDA requirement to do so. Therefore, drug interactions are minimally tested, or not tested at all, before being put onto the consumer market. This is just a brief example of how Chinese Herbal Medicine can be far safer than taking drugs. 


It is risky to take any substance without knowing the various effects it might have on your body. Likewise, recklessly taking various, randomly assembled, herbs on your own is very similar to taking various, randomly assembled, pharmaceutical drugs on your own. Neither is comfortably safe, and thus simply not a good idea. 

In more than 20 years prescribing herbal formulas, Daniel has caused no harm to any patient. Instead, the herbs continue to be a form of Divine Grace gifted to us from a Benevolent Creator! Like organic food, they are potentially flawless natural substances provided to improve our quality, and enjoyment, of life! 

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