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Meditation / Energetic Defense

Mental-emotional-spiritual danger is ever-present in our times. Radiation and chemicals interfere with both our physical and energetic body's. We are beings of mass, but also creatures of energy. This is an undeniable fact that is largely ignored by modern science for unknown reasons. An example of how serious the energetic body is to our health is a person who eats right, exercises, meditates, has substantial resources, and yet still feels unhappy, incomplete, unsatisfied, etc. Can we hold, weigh and measure our emotions? Still, they are quite real and can dramatically determine our quality of life! 

Building Spiritual Strength and Defensive Energy:

  • Acknowledge that you are being energetically attacked on a daily basis. 
    Acknowledgment is always the first step in real change.

  • Physical health is the root of emotional defense.
    Weak general health means poor emotional-spiritual defense. 

    Modern science has shown that stress shuts off the immune system. Likewise, if you keep your body and mind relaxed, your immune system remains strong and active! 

  • There are herbs, and other natural substances, which can protect you from bad, or toxic, energy.
    This usage has been detailed since at least 200 A.D. in the The Divine Farmer's Materia Medica (Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing : 神农本草经). Daniel is able to utilize herbal medicine in this way, for your benefit and protection. 


  • One must make a plan, and take action, to defend oneself against energetic attacks. 

  • Martial arts practice is similar to emotional defense (some much more than others).
    Aikido, and most forms of Kung Fu, are generally best. Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice are helpful. It is unique to you (and your 'karma') to find a practice location convenient to you, evaluate the instructors, the ethos of the school, the authenticity and related value, and work with the training hours.


  • Meditation practice can help one build protective energy (this also protects you from disease).
    This type of energy serves as an exterior defensive wall. The primary keys are directed thought, coupled with controlled breathing, and routine practice.


  • Spiritual study and practice is essential.
    Like most forms of knowledge, mental-emotional-spiritual knowledge must be both learned and experienced. Without learning, the experiences will not be well understood and gain will be minimal; and without experiences, the learning will be empty.


  • Religion may be related to spiritual study.
    In formalized religions, the education of directors is typically highly standardized, with minimal spiritual exercise or experience. While this may not be true for some, it certainly is true for the majority of religions and circumstances. That said, I believe we are better to specifically seek the spiritual experts directly. It is no accident that these same people are often highly religious, but in their own way – not generally in the way of the masses or leaders.

  • Regardless of what religion you prefer, if any, regular and devout prayer can help.
    At the minimum, prayer is recognizing that you are small (relative to many things), and weak (relative to many things), and are quite mortal (dying for certain at some point, usually against your wishes).

    Prayer serves as regular acknowledgement that you did not create yourself, or this world. And also that you lack virtually any control over your own body or mind, let alone this world we live in. Thus, prayer is merely humbling oneself and asking a Higher Power for assistance. There simply and certainly is no greater source of help. This is true of physical needs, and multiplied for mental-emotional-spiritual needs. Bear in mind that your desires may not match with the grander scheme of things, and as such your prayers may be 'answered' in a way only later understood. 

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