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Natural Gynecology & Obstetrics

General Disorders of Gynecology

Endometriosis (and Adenomyosis)

Please see the dedicated page for this disorder. 


PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)

PCOS is a syndrome involving regularly or irregularly late, or even absent, menses; with the possible presence of multiple cysts on the ovaries, and additional signs and symptoms including: cystic acne, course dark hair growth and/or acne on the face, chest and/or back, head hair loss, early maturation and/or increased sex drive, more rarely deepening of the voice, etc. 


Considering how serious and body-changing PCOS can be, it is often amazingly easy to treat with natural medicine. It is however more difficult to cure because it represents a tendency of the body. This tendency includes sweet & carbohydrate cravings, and over-thinking / anxiety. 


The syndrome is a consequence of a natural tendency being influenced by stress ("Liver qi stagnation") affecting digestion, and thus leading to greasy phlegm ("damp-heat") along with a poor diet ("Spleen qi deficiency"). A poor diet being heavy on carbohydrates and sugars. The effects of stress an under-nourishing diet easily lead to phlegm nodules. Stagnation in the flow of energy, resulting from stress, slows down fluids, forming phlegm which blocks the channels and the flow within the ovaries, thus causing cysts to form from follicles. 


In most cases, it is fairly easy to regulate the menstrual cycle, yet achieving consistent ovulation can be more difficult. Even so, normal ovulation remains a probable outcome. Regulation of hormones is part of the solution. As the hormones come back into balance (generally in the first month of treatment), improper body-hair growth and head hair loss both tend to cease. Head hair will generally get thicker fairly quickly. The belly fat will go more slowly than other factors, as it involves a more physical element. However, when working on the abs, results will be quickly seen when hormones are in balance. Often, even when there has been no awareness of a deeper-than-meant-to-be voice, the voice will quickly become less heavy and more feminine. 


It is sometimes difficult to retain these excellent results while off of the herbs for an extended period of time. If a cure is desired, dietary regulation must be exceptional, and stress/anxiety must be carefully managed.


Fibroids (Leiomyomas)

Fibroids are more of less difficult to get rid of depending on their size and duration of presence. This means that an "old" and "large" fibroid will be difficult to cure without surgery. However, a "new" and "small" fibroid will usually be easy enough to cure with herbs alone.


Fibroids have one primary cause in Chinese medicine, i.e. stress (Liver qi stagnation), which creates a local accumulation, coupled with a poor diet (phlegm accumulation), which combines with dead menstrual blood (to create more swelling).

Generally speaking, one fibroid is easier to cure than many fibroids. As always, a patients underlying health plays a large part in the potentiality for a natural (or nonsurgical) cure.


Even when surgery is the best option, it is a very good idea to have Chinese herbs afterwards, for several months, in order to prevent recurrence and facilitate healing. Herbs taken before and after surgery will greatly increase your chances of retaining a viable uterus for a future pregnancy.


Menstrual Disorders

● Irregular Menses 

● Dysmenorrhea (Painful Menses) 

● Amenorrhea (Absent Menses) 

● Menorrhagia (Heavy Bleeding)

● Metrorrhagia (Break-through Bleeding)

In general, all problems associated with menstruation are well treated with Chinese herbs. Chinese medicine is highly effective, regardless of whether the problem is related to bleeding (excess, deficient, irregular, breakthrough, etc.), pain (endometriosis, large fibroids, PMS, etc.), or function (anovulation, amenorrhea, etc.). For thousands of years, regulating the menstrual cycle in order to aid or allow fertility has been the standard practice in China. Even in light of all possible modern science, this remains a good idea and a reasonable standard practice.

It is a good idea to regulate the menses whether seeking pregnancy or not. One, of many, negatives of the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) is that it tends to mask (or hide) disorders rather than treating them. Thus hopefully just shelving the problem for a future time. However, the body is not an inanimate object that will simply be shelved and remain unchanged. Instead, it is an incredibly sensitive and dynamic organism, which will transform over time, whether we hide the signs of such change or not. So, it is best not to hide a problem with OCP, but instead to face it directly, search for the causes, and fully resolve the problem as soon as possible.


The amount of time it will take to see results is often longer then with other disorders, due to the (average) 28 day cycle between periods. In general, if the problem is only manifest around the period, one can expect significant results by the second cycle. If the disorder is constant or irregular, one can expect significant results within two weeks.


PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)

PMS is usually caused by stress (Liver qi stagnation), with some complications. There are many possible signs and symptoms that can occur pre-menstrually. However, PMS is easy to cure in the majority of cases. The common symptoms of PMS are gastro-intestinal, emotional, or discomfort related. All signs and symptoms are generally easy to treat since hormonal and digestive regulation will solve most aspects. Permanent cures will usually require lifestyle and dietary changes.

If you have severe pain with PMS, please see a Western OB-GYN to get an ultrasound and blood work before utilizing Chinese medicine for natural resolution.

Vaginismus (Vaginal Cramping & Spasms)

Vaginismus is commonly caused by various forms of stress (Liver qi stagnation). This stagnation of our energy comes in many forms, and is caused by a great variety of events. In this case, the stagnation of energy plays out as vaginal constriction or spasms. The most common causes of vaginismus are painful intercourse (such as that caused by endometriosis and/or candida infection) and stressful intercourse (such as an aggressive partner or rape). These conditions result in a sort of ‘timidity’ of the vagina, that is, a fear of more pain, more unpleasant experiences, etc.


Chinese herbs are able to address the problem on several levels: one, herbs are able to calm the mind and soothe the emotions; two, herbs are able to deal with an infection (see Vaginitis); and, three, herbs are able to greatly increase sexual desire and regulate sensation of the sexual organs. Leaving infection aside for the moment, a woman who is feeling relaxed, safe and comfortable (the opposite of anxiety or fear), and who also has a greatly increased sex drive will be far less likely to suffer vaginal spasms. Depending on the cause of the problem, significant results can be expected within weeks to months. 

Menopausal Syndrome

Menopause simply means the cessation of menstruation, but that's often not how we speak of it in colloquial English. The menopause that we refer to here in the West is an unnatural state of ill-health. However, the good news is that all the signs and symptoms associated with menopause are very well treated with Chinese herbs. Unsuccessful cases are very rare. This is because regulation of the body is CM’s specialty, and hormonal regulation falls directly into the same category. The combination of the right herbs, with relevant dietary and lifestyle changes, will get the hormones back on track in no time at all.

While, menopause manifests differently, many signs and symptoms occur in common. The most common complaint is hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats – all of which may lead to agitation and irritability. There may also be dry skin, hair, eyes and vagina (senile vaginal dryness, or in more severe cases, senile vaginitis). The lack of vaginal fluids can make intercourse less comfortable, which, in addition to declining hormones, reduces sex drive. In addition, many women develop osteoporosis.

Because the condition is such a good match for Chinese medicine, most cases will see noticeable results within one to three weeks. 


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