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Teaching Testimonials

"Daniel Camburn has an unparalleled ability to relate Chinese Medicine to the present day human condition. His ability to clarify and distinguish symptoms, pathology, and treatment between allopathic and Chinese Medicine is not only organized and methodical, but sagacious. His lectures are distinct, inspiring and laden with wit and humor. You will not want to miss a beat during one of lectures!"          
Tricia Mercer, L.Ac, Austin, Texas

"Learning with Daniel Camburn LAc gives you the true approach to holistic medicine. Behind books and classics and protocol there is a complex pattern and an actual person needing help. Gaining knowledge from his experience in person, as well through distance learning helps to open your mind to variables, possibilities and solutions in Chinese Medicine that are not always discussed but are truly illuminating in bettering your skills as a TCM practitioner. Thank you, Daniel."    
Esther Hornstein, L.Ac., Brooklyn, NY 

"I have been to several of Daniel Camburn's seminars.  The knowledge I have gained from his clinical experience is priceless.  His presentation of material is clear with discourse on dozens of acupuncture protocols and herbal formulas that he has used with success.  His seminar notes are a guiding light in my own practice, especially as more patients come in for disorders that have strong emotional roots.  In my own practice, I have referenced his notes innumerable times.  Daniel Camburn has brought the tenets of Classical Chinese Medicine to life, I am grateful for his dedication to Chinese Medicine and his willingness to share his years of experience."
Ariel Mayer, L.Ac., NJ

"For all you acupuncturists, here's several NCCAOM approved distance-learning courses from one of the best teachers and practitioners around. I've had the honor and privilege of having him as a teacher and friend and I can attest that they don't come better, nor do they teach you more interesting stuff. I'm super excited to get to take his classes without having to go to New York!"

Nick Bowden, L.Ac., Austin, Texas

"I have had the pleasure of taking all of Daniel's seminars and it's always interesting to hear his perspective, which has helped me to think out of the box. Additionally, his extensive knowledge of herbal medicine helped me to be more confident with prescribing herbs to my patients. I am grateful for his seminars. He covers a lot of material while keeping things interesting."
Carla Lescano, L.Ac., NYC, NY

"Distance Learning ;-D 
I would never trade my personal hands-on clinical hours with Daniel for a Distance Learning Course, but it is for sure the second best. I can only express my deepest gratitude for learning from Daniel not only how to "SEE" and diagnose patient's pathology, but also received treatments and experienced a full healing of my own chronic head-aches. Thank YOU, Daniel! You will always be my hero! Blessings!"
Viktor Krystufek, LAc, Dipl OM, San Francisco, CA 

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