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Spiritual Enlightenment

How to become enlightened, and thus free from all distress: 

  • Realize and accept that your body will die. 

  • Act according to this realization. 

  • Avoid material wealth and possessions (these 'attachments' weight you down). 

  • Avoid praise, honor, comfort, ease and stability (these make you forgetful of the first point). 

  • Actively learn about God. 

  • Study, and follow the example of, the Saints. 

  • Actively seek after God, your Creator. 

  • Pray, daily and devoutly, for hours and/or always.

  • Actively avoid and despise sin.

  • Learn, and avoid, the varied faces of sin and evil. 

  • Meditate (controlled breathing and intention) at least once a day, for at least ten minutes (more is better).

  • Practice building and developing your own energy; in East Asia, this is called "qi gong" (energy exercise).

  • Do regular aerobic exercise, and frequent prolonged stretching.

  • Avoid all forms of satiety and most forms of gratification. 

  • Restrict what you see, hear, speak and read, etc. to pure things that will advance your understanding of God and enhance your soul.

  • Minimal, or no, alcohol or drugs of any kind. 

  • Spend much time alone, avoiding the company of non-spiritual men and women. 

  • Avoid soul-weakening entertainment, i.e. most live shows, television, movies, popular music, etc. 

  • Do not indulge your own will. Seek God’s will for you. This is often the opposite of what you 'want' to do. 

  • Live in pure and open nature. 

  • Admire God’s creations, but admire the Creator much more. 

  • Enjoy the day, and do not fear the night. 

  • Ask for help from the Angels and the Saints (the Saints come from around the World, past and present). 

  • Pray for the Souls in purgatory, and they will give you assistance. 

  • Utilize your Guardian Angel. 

  • Practice having Faith and strictly avoiding Fear.

  • Faith and Fear are mutually exclusive. 

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